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Wag! Instagram Adverts

I was asked to help with a 10-15 second branded video for an app called Wag! which was produced through Hitrecord.

Wag! is basically the dog walking equivalent of Uber, where people can pay someone to walk their dog. The video is intended for sharing on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

My Roles
Animator / Compositor / Vector Illustration

I came in at a point where the concept was fully formed and a shot list had been created. The general idea was to show a dog attempting to use a phone and then revealing that it has ordered itself a walker.

I created the vector dog character, based off concept sketches by ToxikHeart.

I then completed the animation of all the shots, and did the final edit. The time frame of the project was super tight, and my part was completed over 2 days!

Illustrator / After Effects

Wag! found that the advert worked really well for them and subsequently requested to have more versions made, so that they can re-use the concept multiple times!

As a result, I was asked to animate some alternative introductory shots of the dog finding the phone, while keeping the same ending. You can see a couple of the ad varations below.


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