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USAi - Web Series

USAI is a series of 5 narratively linked episodes (3-5 mins each), and over the course of those five episodes we follow the Presidential campaign of John 8, an artificial intelligence candidate.

It was created through the Hitrecord community, resulting in the eclectic mix of styles that you see in the final series.

My Roles
Lead Character Animator (one of two)

In late 2016 I was approached by the Community Director of Hitrecord to help with some character animation on this five part webseries called USAI.

Initially I came on board to do only a few quick character animations but by the end of the series, I'd done enough to become credited as one of two Lead Character Animators.

My part in the series was done over a hectic month of evenings and weekends!

After Effects / Photoshop
The series was recognized by the Television Academy as a finalist in the category of "Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media” for the 2016-2017 Primetime Emmy Awards.

"Dude, you killed it with your character animations! How fortunate we all were to have you on board, Chris. You knocked each character animation outta the park with the subtlety you brought to the expressions and gestures. It's in those details these wonderfully illustrated characters could truly jump off the screen. Your dedication is so very much appreciated and I can't say enough about how much of a pleasure you were to collaborate with. Your user page is full of so many great results. Well done, buddy!!”
- Matt Conley, Director and Supervising Producer