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Promised Land - Children’s book promotion

Promised Land is an illustrated children’s book written by Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris featuring 32 stunning full colour illustrations by Christine Luiten & Bo Moore sure to delight kids young and old.

I created content for the kickstarter and promotion of the book.

This included:
- Filming, animating and editing their Kickstarter campaign video
- Animating a book opening sequence
- Animating sketch videos for their social media channels
- Filming and editing promotional interviews

The authors gained global media attention through a successful Kickstarter campaign to illustrate and print their first edition released on 14 February 2017.

The campaign, which aimed to raise $25,000, surpassed its goal and reached over $43,000. The first edition print run sold out in 3 weeks leading to pre-orders for a Paperback second print run.


Client: Promised Land Books
Presenters: Adam Reynolds, Chaz Harris
Videographer: Chris Callus
Editing: Chris Callus
Animation: Chris Callus
Illustrations: Christine Luiten and Bo Moore


After Effects / Premiere Pro / Illustrator / Photoshop

Kickstarter Video

Book Opening Animation

Sketch Animation

Interview example