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Optimal Workshop - Brand Video

This is a brand video created for Optimal Workshop (OW), a user research platform here in Wellington, NZ.

The purpose behind this video was to showcase what OW does, their values and to differentiate their brand by highlighting their sense of quirk.

The animation also needed to use an established illustration and brand style, including a distinctive set of characters that already feature heavily on their website and beyond.    

I worked directly with the team at OW, collaborating on the storyboard and illustration, led by the project's creative director, Karl Madsen.

To allow us to make use of a wide range of characters, I created an easily customisable character rig. This allowed me to quickly create new characters with different shapes, colours and features, without building everything from scratch each time.

The animation was completed in After Effects, and designed so that every scene could be used on its own as a loop. This provided a lot of extra content that can be used separately from the main animation, such as for social media posts.

I also collaborated directly with music composer Ewan Clark, who created a custom piece of music for the video. Ewan came in very early in the process, so that we had plenty of opportunity for the visuals to influence the music, and for the music to influence the visuals.


Client: Optimal Workshop
Creative Director: Karl Madsen
Animation: Chris Callus
Illustration: Chris Callus and Karl Madsen
Storyboarding: Chris Callus and Karl Madsen
Music composition:  Ewan Clark
Project Team: Alannah Remeka, Kelsey Schwynn, Caitlin McDougall, Nathan Baker, Kelsey Thomson, Ella Fielding

Video in context on Optimal Workshop’s homepage.