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Montage of shots from the final videos

NZ Vaccine Facts - Unite Against Covid 19

I helped the team at Daylight Creative to create NZ Vaccine Facts, an eight part series of animations providing helpful information about the COVID 19 vaccine here in NZ, commissioned by The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

My main role was animating the main characters for the series, and compositing the final videos together.

I worked collaboratively with Daylight Creative and a wonderful team, including illustrator Hope McConnell, who created all of the character and background illustrations, and Vania Chandrawidjaja, who animated the motion graphics and supporting characters.

Check out some of the full videos below!


Studio: Daylight Creative
Client: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 
Creative Direction: Toby Morris and Ezra Whittaker
Campaign Management: Claire Choe and Abbey Parker
Character and Background Illustration: Hope McConnell
Animation: Chris Callus and Vania Chandrawidjaja
Storyboarding: Ezra Whittaker
Science Writer: Vanessa Manhire
Scripts: India Hendrikse and Bel Hawkins

Full Video Examples

15 Second Short