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Killjoy - Podcast Animations

“How far would you go to get to the truth even if everyone else has already found it? This is about the true in the making of true crime.”

Killjoy is a true crime satire podcast, funded by Radio New Zealand and NZ on Air. It was written and directed by Patrick Hunn and Laura Robinson with original music, sound design and studio mix by Oliver Devlin. The series was produced by Rosie Howells and Lisa Scott.

Check out the podcast here.

I came on board to animate a series of promo videos for the podcast. This consisted of two 15 second ads and three 30 second ads, for use across Instagram and Facebook. My main task was to add subtle motion, effects and voice/music visualisations and text, using provided illustrations.

We also made sure the layout of the animations worked across different screen formats (horizontal, vertical and square) so that they could be used easily across different social media platforms.


Funding: Radio New Zealand / NZ On Air
Producer: Rosie Howells, Lisa Scott
Director/Writer: Laura Robinson, Patrick Hunn
Illustration: Ashleigh Jan, Mata Freshwater
Animation: Chris Callus
Sound: Oliver Devlin


After Effects / Photoshop

15 Second Ads

30 Second Ads

Example layout variations for social media

All the ads were created so that they would be flexible across different social media platforms and could be quickly rendered in square, vertical or horizontal format.

Satire Adverts

We also created three short animations based on fake adverts from within the podcast. These were illustrated by Mata Freshwater and animated by myself. They were designed as simple looping animations to complement the existing voice overs.