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Into The Pickle Jar - Webseries Pilot

When the perpetually rational Tali, receives a letter from a stranger, she is propelled into a journey through memory and imagination to uncover their connection.

Into the Pickle Jar is the pilot episode of a webseries, funded by TVNZ.

My Roles
Lead Animator / Editor / Compositor


After Effects / Premiere Pro / Illustrator / Photoshop

The pilot is also avaliable over on TVNZ OnDemand here.

Director/Writer Matasila Freshwater
Producer Thomas Coppell

Lead Animator/Editor/Compositor
Chris Callus

Assistant Editor Adam Reynolds
Additional Animation Rita McKinnon
Tali Lahleina Feaunati
Nana/Young Girl Tanea Heke
Nurse Crocs Paul Fagamalo

Character, Prop Design, Additional Illustration, Storyboard Artists

Matasila Freshwater

Background Illustration Mary Guo
Composer Ewan Clark
Sound Design/Record/Mix Phil Burton
Sound Mix Underground Sound

Network Executive
Kate Simmonds & Kim Harrop