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Let’s Play - 48 Hours 2015

Let's Play was made as part of the Rialto 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition in 2015.

We were required to incorporate the following elements:
- Genre: Musical
- Character: Harper Harrison (Thoughtless)
- Prop: Bread
- Dialogue: “Oh really”

My Roles
Animator / Editor / Co-Writer

ToonBoom / After Effects / Photoshop / Illustrator

Awards and Nominations
- Wellington City Finalist
- Winner of Best Animation (Wellington)
- Winner of Best Original Song (Wellington)
- 1st= Audience Favourite (Heat 8)
- Nominated for Best Director (Wellington)

Our team
This year our team consisted of: Mata Freshwater (Director, Illustrator and Co-Writer), Sumana Freshwater (Producer), , Max Telfer (VFX) and Dan Collins (Voice).